COME, the Creative Agency 100% veggie and healthy 2.0 !


2013: Creation and launch of COME Agency

2017: Creation and launch of Nouvelle Veg



You've been a lot to contact us when Nouvelle Veg was launched, in order to use our services and advice ...



So it's a dream and an evidence that comes alive today ... COME Agency has evolved into a new content. It now represents Nouvelle Veg Communication branch.


For a Communication

100% Veggie

100% Healthy


Specialized in the world of 2.0 and events, COME becomes the real incubator for brands, companies and emerging initiatives and entreprises 100% veggie and healthy in France and internationally.



Because it's time to give you the largest and the best possible visibility, in a professional way and with a high quality know-how... in order to allow you to exist on the market, in accordance with our cruelty-free charter of values and in the concern of a consumption respectful of the planet and the environment...


We support you !



COME dedicates all its expertise and networks at your service.


To join our high-performance ideas laboratory and our portfolio of professional service providers and talents : graphic designers, info-graphic designers, press officers, community managers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, editors, art directors, stylists...


in order to obtain a tailor-made communication strategy :




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